faq.pngI’m about to start chemotherapy. When should I book my consultation?

We recommend making a wig consultation appointment once you have booked your first chemotherapy treatment. Hair loss often occurs soon after treatment begins. As our wigs take at least two weeks to arrive, please order early if you want to wear your wig at the first sign of hair loss.

faq.pngCan I bring a friend or family member to my consultation?

We understand that your wig consultation may come at a difficult or emotional time. Please feel welcome to bring a friend or loved one to your consultation.

faq.pngWhy are salon wigs more expensive than those available online?

A wig is a long-term investment that is worth getting right. Most people will wear the same wig for between 12 months and two years – either until their hair grows back, or the wig needs replacing.

Even though a wig may be cheaper online, there is no guarantee that it will look realistic, or fit as you had imagined. When you purchase a wig through a salon, you are paying for quality materials and expertise.

faq.pngWhat is the difference between a wig and a hairpiece?

Wigs cover a person’s entire scalp. Since they provide complete coverage, we recommend wigs for people experiencing total or almost-total hair loss.

Hairpieces (sometimes called toupees) cover a bald patch or spot. They are most popular with people experiencing partial hair loss. This may be caused by conditions such as trichotillomania, alopecia aerata or even heavy hair extension use. You can use multiple hairpieces to cover several bald spots or patches if needed.

faq.pngWhat do I wear under my wig?

You can either wear your wig directly on your scalp, or place it on top of a special wig undercap. For those with total hair loss, an undercap will prevent the wig from slipping and also prevent skin irritation. You may choose to stop wearing the undercap when your hair starts to grow back.

faq.pngHow can I make my wig last longer?

To make your wig last, avoid wearing synthetic wigs while exposed to heat sources. This includes opening the oven, dishwasher or barbecue while wearing your wig, as well as using blow dryers or hair straighteners. These can cause permanent wig damage.

We recommend washing your wig in cold water after every 30 wears, and storing on a wig stand away from direct sunlight, heat and dust.